What’s The Best Option?

In order to really understand your best options for your book, you need to know how these options work. Let’s explore traditional publishing or self publishing options.

In a nutshell, the traditional publisher is not likely to pay an unknown author who has an average book and/or social media base, a lot o f money to manage and publish. Royalties are the stuff of legend now (pretty much).

Vanity publishing still thrives, and for authors who just want to write a book and get it out quickly as a ‘business card’ this is a good option.  But the quality oversight, expertise in developing a great manuscript that is well edited, produced, and published is often not evident, and can cost the author a lot in terms of credibility and authority.

Collaborative or Hybrid publishing options are a smart blend of these two options.  You get high quality care in the development of what you write, your production quality is usually significantly better than just self publishing options offer, and the publishing planning and outcomes is often much better than both of the other options – especially for non-fiction authors who also  understand all the mastery of media, marketing, and presenting.

Check out the video below for a full outline, then talk with us if you want to understand your options better. We are based in Brisbane Australia, but serve our self publishing authors worldwide. Last year we worked with Non-Fiction authors in USA, Germany, Dubai, and the UK, as well as Australia and New Zealand. (We were operating globally and remotely long before CoVid made it a regular thing. :-))