Founder of Handle your Own PR, and creator of the outstanding PR Accelerator program, Jules Brooke is is an absolute fountain of information and wisdom on how to get friendly with the media.  As in friendly enough to get invited to interviews, guest on shows, and what to do and say when the media calls.

There is a fundamental difference between getting good attention for your podcast and being a turnoff to journalists. It all comes down to knowing how and where to direct your media targeting and how to spin a good lure for real enquiry. This is not about advertising, and it pays to know how to pitch the right information at the right time to the right people. Join Dixie and Jules for some fascinating insights into how Authors can promote themselves to the media and reap thousands of dollars worth of ‘free’ author publicity.

Indie Experts Podcast


You’re invited to Join in the conversation with Dixie and Ann, for insights about Authorship – Before, During, and After the book! Find out what the journey entails, how to plan your own expert’s journey and what it’s been like for others we’ve worked with.