Once your book is finished, proofed, and ready to release, there’s a specific set of steps you need to know about in order to maximise the leverage you can expect to get from sharing your beautifully curated and crafted content.

  1. There are files to finalise and upload to all the necessary platforms so readers can buy printed or download digital copies.
  2. Then you need to do some serious work on your social media platforms to tell everyone your book is ready.
  3. Your reviewers and market support people need to be invited to kick in their help too at this stage, and a pre-release plan started.
  4. You will need some PR, media, and your website should have some specific areas to direct readers and media people to for purchase and more information.
  5. Your ability to create workshops, download teaser and sample content should be addressed and ready to promote.
  6. Will you be speaking professionally about your book? If so, where, when, how and what handouts and marketing materials do you need to have ready

You will have a lot more questions than answers at this stage so lean in, and let’s help you make sense of it all ok.


Recommended Reading

This book will also help a lot! LINK for Details

Clearly there’s a LOT to do as part of your journey towards just getting your book launched and ready to WOW the WORLD!

It Doesn’t Have to be a Head Spinning Experience!

But it will help you to have a plan, and some knowledge about what’s necessary, what’s optional, and how to navigate the journey ahead.

If you’ve been working with us for a while you’ll understand some of the many complexities of this image above.  If not, I highly recommend you start by booking a time for a chat to have a good overview of what each point covers.

  • You can do that by booking a one-on-one indepth session with Dixie to ensure you get plenty of input into what ever areas you need to best understand.   You might already be a speaker, or you might have a solid grasp of how to manage your Social Media, but need a lot of extra help or learning in some of the other areas.
  • You can also attend a workshop or get a group of authors together to create one specially dedicated to your genre or writing group. Location is not a challenge as even these can be done via Zoom, but they do take a bit of organising and there are minimum numbers required (4) to really get the best out of the group setting and energies.
  • Finally, you can also just book Dixie to come and spend some indepth one-to-one time with you and spend a day going through all these points, and maybe it will take longer than a day.  And of course you can also opt to have some VIP Author Coaching with Dixie if you really want to get super savvy with you and your marketing team sorting your book and ‘post book’ launch phase out over the long term.

Here’s a more in-depth look at each of these options:


1:1 Overview

This is a 90-120 minute session where Dixie will walk you through all of the steps above, talk to you about the many aspects of what you and your book need to focus on and ensure you have some great checklists and resources to carry on with and DIY the launch and post-launch phase of  your book.



Book your own with a minumum of 4 people, either online or in person.  Work through all the points on this journey with indepth vantage points, resources and understand the whole launch and post-launch journey for you and for your book.

$POA (depending on numbers and location)

1:1 Hands On Help

Get Dixie working with you on a 1-to-1 basis ensuring you can easily navigate your way through everything, understanding exactly what you need to do, and even using the Indie Experts Team to help with the heavy lifting where you need it.

VIP Coaching Options

Or let’s discuss a Customised Option to suit your project and existing situation

Do not overlook the fact that there is a BUSINESS end to being an author… From Pages to Stages, you need to understand Marketing, Social Media, Business Admin, Taxes, Systems, and identify The PEOPLE who can help you in these areas.

Additional Resources and Recommended Reading


Remember: This is a PROJECT not a hobby!