We encourage you to do your due diligence with any book project partners

Please also review these FAQs to ensure you are comfortable with what we’re offering.


How many books do expect we could sell, and over what timeframe?

That depends on so many variables… And as I write that, I get that it sounds like a shifty one-liner. Here’s the reality: your sales will come down to the quality of your book, the quality and engagement of the delivery of your information too. If it’s funny, useful, story-based information aimed at a demographic hungry for useful, funny stories, it could sell really well. Or not. We can’t predict what will go viral any more than you can. We do know that the right information, delivered well to the right audience has a much better chance of selling well than when seemingly obvious boxes are not ticked off. If you put the effort in and do a great job on your book, then your book is going to work harder for you than your competitors’ books might work for them if they have taken short cuts.

Are there any additional costs?

If they arise we’ll let you know. Any additional costs are only likely to be based on how much you want to change things through the editing process, how many designs it takes to get you a cover you’re happy with (beyond those we’ve thought about and quoted already) and any advertising. Our quotation process is thorough and well thought out – also based on many dozens of books and author’s we’ve worked with.

How quickly will I see a return on my investment?

How long is a piece of string? This is not an investment in gold bullion over a decade, with the reasonable expectation of gold prices increasing better than inflation.

If you do what we guide you to do, and invest in a strategy that involves stepping into branding and marketing development to promote your wisdom, expertise and experiences, it could take you a long time or a short time to start getting well-paid speaking engagements, book sales, opportunities for additional media exposure, and marketing success.

As Ron Tacchi CSP shared with a room full of professional speakers a few years ago, ‘It’s a seven year (average) journey from start to success for most speakers with practically no help at all’. What we’re offering is the help to reduce that time frame, based on industry experience, expertise and the ability to do what we do very well. How long and how far is up to you. If you are outstanding and willing to work on your skills and branding as a serious industry expert, we have the connections, knowledge and ability to help you fast-track towards well-paying speaking and authority opportunities.

How much money can I expect to make?

$1–$20 per book, and $1,000–$5,000 per speaking engagement.
Depending on a number of variables – as quoted above.

How many books have you published?

Dixie has assisted hundreds of authors to write, publish and/or market approximately 200 books (as at July 2023) since 2004.

We would be interested to speak with three of your successful clients to understand the commitment and income derived from such a project.

Please review the case studies and testimonials on this website, as well as our authors’ LinkedIn profiles and book information, then let us know who you would most like to talk with. We do not wish to pre-empt your thinking, so we’ll do our best to open the door for you to talk with someone whose project is most relevant to yours.

What if I don’t want to include the coaching part of your services and just want the book published as it is?

If your book is ready to go into production straight away, then yes, you can do that. If your book is not ready by our standards for us to work on, we’ll either let you know in the ‘Is my manuscript ready?’ session, or in an initial review. After all, we won’t work with something that could compromise our reputation any more than we’d expect you to. So let’s review your manuscript first and then talk about it.

Can I pick and choose from your range of services? What if I only want to get the book uploaded by you?

We do offer some of our services as stand-alone options – again, it depends on you, your project, and what you’re trying to achieve. Let’s talk about that.