Audiobooks are the ‘New Black’ 

We’ve been hearing more about the popularity of audio books since 2019, and while the fiction industry is now well populated with audiobooks, the increasing use of these for non-fiction fans is fast catching up.

An audiobook is a great way to ensure that people who don’t have time for reading, or prefer to listen while driving or exercising, can access your content.  Some elements like tables, illustrations, and worksheets can be easily referred to and made available for listeners to access via your ebook, which in turn increases your ebook or print book popularity. Or you can  offer specific online downloadable files to be accessible from your website.

We’ve partnered with Author2Audio’s Dave Stokes to assist our authors to add audio to their content options, here’s your quick overview for what’s involved, your investment, and a few FAQs we’re regularly asked.

The process:

We get your book manuscript, work out the condensed parts to be read, finalise the marked up scripts, and once recorded, send to production for editing and file production. After checking with you and sign off, the files are uploaded to all the book sales platforms including Amazon, Draft2Digital etc.

How long does it take?

  • If you are using a professional voice actor, and your recording is reasonably straightforward, then allow about
    2–3 weeks.
  • If you wish to record it yourself, then allow practice time and then 2–3 weeks of editing and production time.
  • To record an hour or so off finished audio, allow approximately 3 hours of recording time, including all the stops and starts that will ultimately then be edited out in the production process.

Should you record it yourself?

If you are very confident about using your own voice, then by all means do that. If not, then please consider one of our voice talents. It’s not as straightforward as it may seem if you are not used to reading aloud with a well modulated voice, plenty of good breathing, and clear speaking/reading style.

Please talk to us about how to do this
if you wish to do your own recording.

We have a range of high quality male and female voices available to you, and can advise re equipment requirements too.

Your investment:

An abridged version of your book (i.e., approximately one hour long condensed content) as an audiobook option starts at $1,200 (AUD). This includes discussions with us about which parts of your manuscript to record, preparation of your files, production and editing, and uploading.

  • Professional voice talent option starts at $600 for a finished hour of recording.
  • Additional voices (i.e., if extra narration, introductions, or special features) start at $50.

A full version of your book recorded and produced will average 6 hours of finished recording time, and approximately $2,500–$3,500.

A quote will be issued after a conversation with you about some of the variables mentioned above.

Voice options for a professional quality recording

Each of these artists is a professional with experience and training as a voice talent. Discuss with us your preference for male, female, or a variety of options for mixed voices on your recording. We also have access to celebrity voices for your recording – available on request.

The most important thing to remember is this: 

A well recorded and quality production of an audiobook is an additional valuable tool for you to share with your market. A poorly recorded, low quality option will hurt your brand. Please consider a conversation with us before proceeding further.