Our Services – What we do exactly!

 We’re curating wisdom worth sharing, from pages to stages…

What we do is best described as a comprehensive Mix of Marketing, Coaching, and Publishing.  We Start With the Draft, then we can take you all the way through to being an award winning, highly paid presenter, coach, trainer and recognised leader in your field of expertise. However, this is like getting an MBA in the Business of selling and marketing your Expertise, your legacy of wisdom.  How you curate that, take it to market, and get leverage on your wisdom is what most people find it a hugely daunting task and not one to be simply dabbled in. If you’re serious about going all the way with this, then we’re here to help you in ways you might relate to being somewhat like outsourcing to a marketing company but that’s a very limited way of looking at it.

That’s why we developed a three pronged approach to this journey. And it is a journey – one that will take you several years to grow through – and in the great words of the great Keith Abraham CSP, “you can’t go there till you grow there”. 

When you click on any of these three links below – you’ll learn more about the specific three areas we focus on, and you’ll possibly
feel overwhelmed by the enormity of what you are embarking on. But this is a journey we’re well equipped to guide you through,
and we can work with you, for you, and also with some of the other key people and organisations in your support crew. 

If you need extra help with social media, branding, photography, websites, printing, images, stage training, media relations etc, we can either roll our sleeves up and do these, invite you to work with our higher level operators in any of these areas, or support you in learning what you need to focus on to do it yourself. When you become part of our tribe, you get access to our own experts, who are well tested, their processes are understood and championed by us, and they know what is expected of them too. 

Every author and speaker has different needs – you get our support, encouragement, and direction at what ever level you need. And as a member of our tribe, you are also entering a tight community of people just like you too.  Experts who are on a mission to transform the thinking or actions of others in ways that make a  positive difference to others.

  • Expertise
  • Skills
  • Business

Developing you to be the expert you are, with the appropriate skills to be all you can be, and understand the business of being a professional expert.


  • Books
  • Content
  • Speaking

Once your book is out to your market there are many aspects of being an author-ity and delivering your content on multiple platforms is part of that.


  • Branding
  • Promotion
  • Social Media

This is about getting your name, your book, and your reputation working harder for you so your book across all platforms.


If you are seeking a publisher for your manuscript …

First please read the following carefully before submitting anything to us:

  • We work with non-fiction books, by authors who are willing and able to step into the spotlight to talk about their topic.
  • This covers genres as wide as business, medical, legal, feelgood and wellness, some medical, and some industrial and trade topics.  We also work with writer’s of memoirs in many instances.
  • We do not work with children’s books, or academic works. 
  • Ours is a Hybrid Publishing Model*
  • Sometimes we will help with fiction titles and authors who are well past just starting to write their first novel but this is on a selective basis as it’s not our area of expertise, but can often put you in touch with people who can help with these.

If you wish to pitch your manuscript, book idea, or just discuss these with Dixie, then please note that there is a fee for time spent, that is only waived if you are referred to Indie Experts by an existing author or well known to us.  The reason for this is simple.  It takes time to review your work, a bit of research into you and your topic ahead of a meeting, and then if you wish to have a quote prepared, this is also not done at just the touch of a button.  Everythning we do is on a case by case personalised basis.  You will also get outstanding value for your time invested in having an introductionary session with Dixie including some free resources, ideas, and a range of things to consider that will likely save you a lot of time and wasted energy trying to figure those things out.  The fee of $250 is therefore what we charge, but if you then proceed with working with Indie Experts on your book, this will be credited back to you.  While the meeting is set down for 30 minutes, in reality the first 20 minutes is free, and after that you’ll be given the option to extend into a full 45-60 minutes and nut out what you need to focus on then.  That’s when the fee kicks in.

Please do not just email and ask to meet – instead please use the following link to book a time, and you’ll also be asked to outline a brief bit about you and your topic.
Thank you…

*Our HYBRID  publishing model means we charge for our services, and do not pay royalties to our authors.  IX Authors own their copyright fully, and can charge whatever they wish for their works, and have them available in stores, online, on their own websites etc, but we charge for our time, expertise, production and editing and marketing to ensure your book does not look or feel or function like it’s ‘self published’.