Need help creating your workshops, ppt, programs, & handouts…?

If you’re an author of non-fiction, there’s a high probability you’ll want to run workshops, create programs, and training sessions.  But where to start?  Does the book come first or the programs?

Great question!

Let’s start with the objectives – what do you want?

  • Do you want to be a trainer, keynote speaker, program master, or a combination of these?
  • Do you want to deliver content online, in person, or a combination of these? 
  • What do you want to earn?  (The average fees below are what you might be expected to earn from each as an indicator only)

That’s three more sets of great questions, but once you’ve started to think about these, you are half way to making some great inroads into creating your delivery options.

Keynote Presentations

Ave earning fees: $3000 – $12,000

These might be an hour – more or less, and are likely to be highly paid, require a high level of development, practice and delivery styling, but first start with your outline, key points, and handouts.

You will need to consider things like use of Powerpoint, whiteboards, flip-charts, other props, and how you wish to lead the audience towards action.

Common matters like how to promote these, handouts, follow up options and upselling also need to be considered.


Ave earning fees:  $50 – $5000

Breakout sessions at events like conferences, personal live options in your local area, online options, or a combination of these.  Once you decide how you want to run these, then work out what the content is, whether there’s a series or just  one-off event, and what workbooks, handouts and other materials you need to develop.  Your course content might be in conjunction with a book, or an extension of a book’s content, or entirely non-specific, but with a book included as a giveaway.  What icebreakers might you use to keep the learning fresh and fluid, and how long will each workshop be?


Ave earning fees: $1000  – $50,000

You needn’t think only of the one-time deals, which keynotes and workshops often are. Instead, you can upsell into a program that might be delivered over several months, on a subscription or higher fee basis, as part of a group or individually for selected people who have progressed from a workshop or other training event. How do you convert someone from a one-off business engagement into becoming a months or even many years long relationship?  What kind of program will you deliver, from where, and what content and outcomes are included.

The average fees indicators for each of the above depend on many things.  The level of expertise you are considered to have, duration of the event, what you’re delivering on and over what period of time.  You may love doing workshops and starting out might be charging only $50 per  person and only a handful of attendees turn up. Or you might be well developed in all these areas and expect to work with a handful of clients over a longer period of time where the long term fees accumulate in much higher levels – but there are also higher demands and expectations for those options. Or you might just love to do keynotes and avoid the coaching or training options because you just don’t want to do that.  What works best for you is the first step to then creating what you will offer.

A complete Done for You Service
Research Included: Keynotes, Prices, Handouts & Follow-up

How it Works:

  1. We meet to work out your preferences.
  2. Then we review your content options, book(s), other training resources and anything you can contribute to the delivery option you have in mind.
  3. We quote for you to decide on what you want, need, and desire most to have created for you and with you.
  4. We create your marketing materials, handouts, worksheets, and follow up plans (for clients/prospects).
  5. We review these, test the materials, and finalise everything.
  6. You start promoting and delivering your content.
  7. We meet every few weeks to refine and finesse your content as you go if needed.  

There is a fee of $750 for the initial meeting and review process, because we like to be thorough and get a well thought out plan ready for you.  Even if you don’t go any further with our quote at that time, you will have a plan and content outline you can use later, and we see value in that, so charge for the time and expertise it takes for us to develop this for you. 

The fees for the next stages (steps 4-5) will depend on what you decide to do.  An example of a complete workshop program might be as low as $1500, or as much as $5,000  

Our research includes appropriate keywords, competitors, pricing, reviews and a gap analysis of other programs. 

Let’s start with a complementary chat about what you think you need, and we can go from there….