Navigating the
Authority Journey
from Pages to Stages 

We work with giants of new thinking, guiding and supporting them to navigate their journeys from pages to stages, so they can strategically share their wisdom and experiences for good.


Ghost Writing, Author Coaching and Indie Publishing Services for Professional Speakers, and Industry Experts who require high quality books to work hard as part of their marketing ecosystem.  We work with game changers in their industries. The movers and shakers who command, inspire, and lead. Savvy leaders and outspoken provocateurs, mostly in Australasia, but also increasingly throughout Europe, USA, and UK.

What we do for these emerging (and sometimes veteran) giants of new thinking is to take them from relative obscurity and assist them carefully and strategically to take their place on various stages and online platforms where they can achieve significant outcomes. Our authors are media trained, audience savvy professional speakers, wisdom ambassadors who excel at reaching their target markets with powerful messages in a Publishing 3.0 Environment that is focused on Non-fiction that works smarter for authors.

The iX Authority Journey

From developing your first ideas all the way through to owning your expertise…

Working with Indie Experts publishing and author services – we have it all covered!

Let’s Start With the Draft…

You’re going to be a lot more than you bargained for… as one client put it, Dixie’s like an iron fist in a velvet glove.  As you’re likely to see when you pop over to the Testimonials page here, Dixie is well known for getting things done, expertise and focus, and knows the publishing industry better than most coaches who might help with content curation.

You’re options to work with Dixie and her team are very straightforward. If you’re seeking help to get your book written, you can either download the tools, templates, and books written by Dixie about what is involved, how to DIY, or you can get a good overview and then book a meeting to discuss your project as it relates to Ghost Writing, Done For You, or Collaborative Content Curation options.

It STARTS with the DRAFT of the manuscript, then once you have a high quality mansuscript ready for testing, then completing, then you move into the editing phase, before producing your book and preparing to publish.

Everything centers around the Tri-Variant Content Framework™ 
Dixie has been developing, testing, and refining through hundreds of books since 2006.

Are You Ready?

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  • Expertise
  • Skills
  • Business

Developing you to be the expert you are, with the appropriate skills to be all you can be, and understand the business of being a professional expert.

MORE Details

  • Books – FICTION and NON-FICTION 
  • Content Curation
  • Speaking  Professionally

Once your book is out to your market there are many aspects of being an author-ity and delivering your content on multiple platforms is part of that.

MORE Details

  • Branding
  • Promotion
  • Social Media

This is about getting your name, your book, and your reputation working harder for you so your book across all platforms.


Some of the outstanding books we’ve worked on over the last couple of years

Find out more about these books.

Our mission is simple…

When you stand in your power you can light up dark corners… we’re here to help you do that, and do it magnificently.

Become the Author-ity you are meant to be …

Before you embark on this journey to being respected as an Author-ity  in your field, there are certain things you must understand:

  • Your book need not look nor perform like a ‘self-published book’.
  • Your book can achieve excellent sales and win the respect of many with good marketing that gets it well-ranked on Amazon and available globally.
  • Being a published author can get you better speaking opportunities and higher consulting/coaching/training fees in a range of ways using your book for leverage.
  • Extending your book into a training program, selling it into markets outside your own backyard, and getting media exposure with your book are all possible and in some cases far easier than you may have thought.

You can take a long time and learn as you go, making a lot of errors along the way, or you can work with us to fast-track your progress as an Author-ity: an Indie Expert who is a successful author, speaker, consultant, coach, trainer – a serious game changer.

Keeping you up to date with great infomation and ideas. 

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