You already created a book…  that was a big job! Now you want to create an online program?

Before you do that, have a listen to what Course Commander creator Jonathan  Callinan has to say about the best ways to do this and the pitfalls and traps to avoid.  How do you start to spin a book into an online program? If you’ve any thoughts at all on creating an online program or courses to extend your expertise offering, then you’ll want to stop and hear what Jonathan Callinan has to share. Founder of Course Commander, Jonathan explains the difference between course, program, short, long, and how to start preparing for what you can offer beyond your book.

You’re invited to Join in the conversation with Dixie and Ann, for insights about Authorship – Before, During, and After the book! Find out what the journey entails, how to plan your own expert’s journey and what it’s been like for others we’ve worked with.