What we do for you and your Non-Fiction book…


So you want to write a book, or maybe already did, and you think you’re ready to produce and publish it.  Congratulations on writing a draft of your book… but  you’re a long way from being ready to produce it, here’s why. Think of what has happened when you hear a song on the radio. It’s come a long way from when Paul McCartney, Ed Sheeran, or Benny and Bjorn first strummed out the tune and wrote some lyrics down, to where you heard it and hummed along. And that’s what needs to happen with your manuscript.

Much of the following pertains to those of you who already wrote your manuscript and didn’t work with us through the development stage.  

Manuscript Review

If you’re wondering if it’s worth pitching to a traditional publisher, or you just want some construction help to get it finished and ready to edit and publish we can offer an in-depth service featuring to review your work, ensure you have really nailed it in all the right ways, and that you have something of value to take to the next stage. You get a report, suggestions you can work with and a one-on-one meeting with your reviewer to go over the suggestions and get even more focused on the ‘what’s next’ stages for you.

This might be the very BEST investment you can make in your book and it will  likely save you a bundle on Editing fees too.


Your book will need to be laid out inside to be easy to read, using the best fonts, headings and in some cases extra design elements to impress your readers and make their experience good enough to ensure you get FANS, not just random readers. Cover design is also critical, as is back cover descriptions, listing information, keywords, images, and the best files for uploading. This is all taken care of in the production of your book, by highly experienced and award winning book production specialists. This is about also covering issues such as Call to Action, Marketing YOU, and all the ways you need to get LEVERAGE on your book once it’s published.

Editing & Design

Whether you’re in NZ or Australia, we have access to a range of editors who are specialists in their field, who will help to ensure your manuscript is in top shape before it gets into production.  Our cover design team includes award winning book designers, illustrators, and exceptional formatting specialists too.  Your book will not look or feel like a ‘self published’ novel and you’ll be able to market it proudly and confidently – and focus on all the ways you can use it to get leverage on your content, your wisdom and expertise for the benefit of those you wish to influence with your book.


Self or ‘indie’ publishing gives you a lot of outstanding opportunities to use your book to market you, expand on your ability to reach your target market and use your book at part of your marketing ecosystem. We’ll work with you to ensure you understand the process, have the best platforms operating for your book, with appropriate keywords, marketing support, and readiness to promote your book to your market.  We’ll ensure you know what your options are, how to maximise your book’s potential globally, and have you learning about what you can do to continue to get leverage on each book you produce and publish.

We can also work with you to pitch your manuscript to a traditional publisher if you wish to do that.

If you already have a book published but it’s not working hard enough…

We have dealt with this issue often and understand how to maximse your listings on Amazon, Ingram Spark, Draft2Digital, and how to re-boost your old book(s) if needed.  Talk with us about what you need, and how we can help.  A conversation is the best place to start because there are so many moving parts to this industry, and things are changing all the time.  We’ve made it our business to know how things work, what’s doable and what’s not, how to explore multiple opportunities and ideals.  Here’s the link to book a time for a talk about your book. Yes there’s a small fee – but we guarantee that if you don’t find this to be a helpful 45 + minutes of your time, we’ll refund your fee in full.  That’s how confident we are that we can help save you a tonne of time and money on what’s  possible for you and your books by having this conversation. ($250 + GST).

If you haven’t started writing yet, then let’s talk about Starting with the Draft HERE

Answers to FAQs

Yes we can get your book into book stores, Amazon, and all online outlets.

Yes we can feature your book in the International Catalogues we work with to seek Foreign Rights opportunities.

Yes we can do advertising via multiple options we know really work if you need that too.

Yes we can sort out your ISBNs’ for you.

Yes we can produce audio books, e-books and print options.

Yes we can save you a bundle of money and stacks of time on common mistakes authors make.

Where can I sell my books?

We can help you get your book into book stores, Amazon and all online outlets.

Will my book feature in international catalogues?

Yes, we can feature your book in the International Catalogues we work with to seek Foreign Rights opportunities.

Can you do my Advertising?

Yes we can help with advertising for your book. We can if you need it – multiple options but it all depends on what you want to achieve and where.