Expert’s COACHING with Dixie Carlton

You may already be speaking, or writing, and maybe you have some fantastic results and history with this so far.  However, when we work with you, you’ll be coached through any of the areas you are not excelling at with Dixie so you are confident in all that you need to know and do as a professional speaker, author, workshop or training facilitator and inspirational Wisdom Ambassador.  Some of what is covered is based on your speaking, writing and publishing and general content, but we’ll also tap into anything like Imposter Syndrome, bad habits, confidence, planning and personal management issues and anything else that’s just holding you back for any reason. 

If you also need it, you can work directly with other’s in our team, including Hypnotherapy RTT Therapist Stephanie Weldon, or on some specific life coaching or business coaching areas including marketing and strategy.

What ever you need – over a period of 6-12 months you’re going to grow your business, but also yourself as you step further into being the world class expert you wish to be, to pursue the dreams you have of impacting positively on your marketplace by sharing your legacy of wisdom.

There’s a wide range of these things we’ll cover in our book Draft to Publishing phase of working together, because we don’t want you to just ‘write and publish a book then languish out in the ‘what’s next’ land of uncertainty. But if you then wish to go a lot further into the next stage of developing your authority, and getting real leverage on your expertise, we’ll go deeper with these, as well as these additional areas below.  

Done For you Options

Sometimes you need more than just guidance to do what needs to be done, and a more focused approach of ‘Let’s just get this done’ and our team has the ability to work on these areas with you either as a coaching focused program or to just DO it.  If you want to go beyond what we can do as a coaching focused program, and get this all done for you – please take a look at the outline of what is covered below, and then talk with us about what you need.  Also there’s further information HERE about the full range of services offered our clients.

Simplicity is found in the right flow of information…

Dixie is certified as a highly trained coach, graduating from prestigious Coach University in 2003 after 2 and a half years intensive learning and development. With the back up of 30+ years of working with SMEs, in all areas of Marketing and communications.

She has owned her own companies, and worked very closely with hundreds of authors on their own content, and learned a lot along the way.  So, Dixie knows what questions to ask, to get the best content out of your head and into formats that can be shared across multiple platforms to work hard based on what you want your message to be and how to reach your ideal market.

What clients are saying…

Dixie has helped me to see a wide array of complementary activities that go hand-in-hand with the book. Tremendous vision, awesome attention to detail, passionate about her work! I am recommending her to anyone who is passionate about writing a book and to be guided and encouraged along the way.

Kathy Rees

Author, Courageous Auditing

Since the launch of the book, I have continued working with Dixie to get my message about building sustainable businesses in the face of various business crises out to as many people as possible. Dixie, unlike me, understands all the book stuff, marketing, promotions etc., and getting really clear on who needs to read this book. I have made so much progress over the past 12 months with Dixie’s help. Believe me, it doesn’t stop when the book is published.

Bronwyn Reid

Author, Small Company Big Business

Dixie has recently helped me get my manuscript out of the jumble of Word documents and into a REAL book, and all I can say is WOW! Dixie is such a brilliant author coach, who knows the industry intimately. Dixie’s many years of experience shine through when offering guidance and advice to budding authors. Her knowledge of current writing styles, industry expectations and content development are second to none.

Dr Paul Harvey

Author, The Plasticology Project