For all parents who have been through that final stage of pregnancy and the birth of a child, you know that sometimes it’s a matter of things not always going to plan.

Then finally, jubilation at the arrival of that new life, and the pain and anguish of the delivery are soon forgotten – well somewhat forgotten! ?

It’s the same with books. You can get right up to the wire, have everything ready to upload your book to Amazon, or send off to the printer, and then BAM! A curveball comes smashing through your plans and everything gets delayed. For a few hours, days, or even a week or two.

This past week I’ve been busy with three books in various stages of release.

One was derailed while uploading to Amazon CreateSpace because:

  • First, there were some unidentified errors that needed fixing. And no, the editing and proofing stage is not always 100% – in fact, I’ve read books by some of the highest-selling authors in the world that still have the odd error in them.
  • Then the page numbers for some reason kept ‘irritating the margins’, so they had to be fixed.
  • Then there were a few minor wee things that needed attention – they were easily fixed, but still delayed the process.
  • The files were fixed, but they were appearing as still needing to be looked at – and we couldn’t figure out why. Reloading the same file seemed to fix the errors.

And of course, on CreateSpace, you have to allow for their own process of checking files before you can move forward with completing the upload.

Another book – one of my own – was giving me grief at the final stage of uploading because:

  • First, there was an issue with the inside cover page.
  • Then something was wrong with the contents list, and finally the cover was not loading properly. This was addressed by my asking the designer to check and resize, and he laughed and advised that it was definitely already the correct size. So back to the helpful people at CreateSpace, who advised that the cover was ready, which it wasn’t, and some flapping about with that debate until suddenly it all came right. (We’re blaming that one on technology and lack of caffeine.) 
  • Lastly, the ordering of the proof copy got stuck in the system.

Finally, one more book is so far seamlessly uploading, everything is going exactly according to plan – textbook perfect!

So you just never know exactly how the final delivery is going to end up.  

All you can do is trust the process, the helpful souls at Amazon (who, by the way, are brilliant when there is an issue), and that you will get there.