Is now the time to write a book? 

But what if it’s NOT?

Maybe now is the perfect time for you to think about the reasons why, and the reasons why not, and really work out what you need to know before taking those big steps in your Authority Journey? Because writing a book is not for everyone.  We know that sometimes there are great reasons to do something different, like create an online program, training workshop, writing articles or blogs instead.  


Many people think it’s really easy and make a great start, but then get lost in the details, structure, or knowing how much or how little to write. What if that was really easy?
Talking about the same information to clients and prospects and wonder if there’s an easier way to educate your market about what you do and how well you do it?
What if you could easily become known as the expert in your industry, with solid focus and awareness of how you can help your market, and they know how to reach out to you?
Maybe your voice is what is really needed in your industry to create real change? Imagine being able to ignite that spark easily through writing a powerful book that really focuses on what’s needed.
Hearing about how hard it is to really get a book working for you might be the one thing putting you off using this powerful marketing tool, but what if you had a solid road map to ensure you became an authority – not just someone who wrote a book once.
Maybe you can achieve more in one way than another, but really need explore fully what all your options are.
Why not do some preliminary thinking about this. And if you answered yes to more than three of these questions, please accept this invitation to have an FREE 30 minute conversation with one of the Indie Experts team to help you with your thinking about your options. Either use the Time Trade link below or we can send you some options.



If you would like to explore what some of these options mean to you, how much easier it might be than you previously thought to write a book, or would just like to take us up on a very special FREE 30 minute exploration call, then please use the link below to arrange a time for that.

We promise – no hard sell, no phony promises, and you will get value out of this call.   BUT there’s a catch – you need to provide some additional information about your book project, plans, and where you’re up to in your journey please.  That way you’ll get more value out of our first conversation and Dixie can be better prepared for that meeting too. Please include your website or social media links with the booking questions. Thanks.