Congratulations on being selected to speak at the BALI GSS Conference in 2024. 

Knowing how much you are going to put into your presentation to inspire other speakers who will be there, and understanding that this presentation may not be your primary content for sharing, it’s exciting to share with you know that as part of Indie Experts commitment as a Silver Sponsor of the conference, we’ve come up with a way for your words to carry even more weight, and your inspiration to fly even further than the Bali shores. 


As one of the giant’s on whose shoulders future speakers will stand, your wisdom is invited to be shared in this very special book project:

The Giant’S Shoulders

A collection of wisdom from the GSS conference – by the speakers, for the speakers!

How it works:

  •  There is a limit of 12 speakers invited to join this special project.

  • There is an investment of your time and a small investment of $ required.

Each provides a chapter for this book – around 3000 words each – that will be curated by you and Dixie Carlton throughout 3x one-on-one coaching sessions.

Your chapter will be approved by you, and you can use it for anything further you wish to use it for outside the book – you own your copyright.

The coaching sessions will be to help fine tune your content – because even though you might already be a great author, the objective of this book is to ensure it’s longevity and value to readers by making it flow with the other authors’ content too.  Dixie has created and published a number of books over the years based on this style and process and believes that it needs to be ‘not just another desck thumper’ style of collected content but a book that really works for you as the authors, and that the readers will love enough to read through and keep going back to.

Your chapter will be professionally edited, and the book will be professionally designed and formatted by the
Indie Experts Publishing multi-award-winning book production team.  

It will also then be available to you to download and share with your own networks if you wish to do so.   You will be proud of this book – we are absolutely sure of that – this is not our first Rodeo!  In fact, Dixie has personally assisted in the development, production, and publishing of well over 200 books since 2006, and many have been award winning, best selling, high profile marketing tools for professional speakers around the world.

You’ll also have a chance to learn some of the insider secrets of great non-fiction indie publishing and marketing from working with Dixie on your chapter. 

The Bottom Line:

  • Your investment is:  $US690. – deposit of $350 payable on confirmation, the balance due 1st May 2024.
  • You will also be able to purchase additional copies of the printed book for a nominal fee – this amount is yet to be confirmed – estimated $5.00-$6.00 per copy plus delivery.
  • You will be able to make the e-book version available to your own clients for free.
  • Time frames: First coaching session would be in January – March, final draft due and coaching session in May 2024.

There is just a little more fineprint relevant to this project in the agreement but if you would like to be part of this project, please take a minute to complete the following details so that Dixie can be in touch with you personally to discuss this further or send you the full details.


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