Test Pilots Required

    If you love to read and want to be part of the process of developing great books, then why not become one of our Test Pilots… also known as Beta Readers, the role is an important one in the creation of a quality book. There’s no EDITING required, but feedback on what you read based on specific questions that focus on readability, credibility, enjoyment of the content.

    Once you have read through the parts of the book  – sometimes the whole manuscript – then you send in your comments and the author can finish the book based on beta readers’ feedback.

    If you then also want to be part of the marketing build up and launch then you can ask to be included in that phase too.

    Often you will be gifted with a free finished version of the book for your efforts too.

    If you think you’d like to be part of this, then please sign up here and note your preference for genre types so we can accommodate your reading desires in that way too.

    And thank you… this is an important part of the authority journey. 

    Some upcoming titles for 2024:

    • An incredible helicopter pilot who did three tours of Afghanistan – part memoir, part leadership book
    • Surviving Success – what to do when all your goals are already ticked off
    • What we can all do better about protecting children from abuse
    • How to build better worlds through better business
    • Flourishing in mid-life
    • Some great stories about interesting women from our Fiction catalogue