Indie Experts Authors are also Expert Speakers 

Our authors are not only specialist authors on their favourite topics, but they are also professional high quality speakers who are able to command audiences, present at the highest levels, and share wisdom that is highly sought after by discerning knowledge seekers too. Most of our authors are veteran presenters, who have years of experience on stages all over the world.  If you are seeking someone who will  positively inspire and impress your audience in 2024, here’s what makes an Indie Expert well worth considering for your keynote and breakout presenter line up. 


World Class

IX Speakers have spoken in multiple countries… on several contents, at Ted X and MDRT events..

Award Winners

IX Speakers are award winners, for their books, business skills, and thought leadership, at global and national levels.

Certified Professionals

Many are certified as speaking professionals, by the Global Speaker’s Federation member countries.

Pages to Stages +

IX Authors are edutainers, info-specialists, engaging, funny, informative trailblazers who can hold their own with media, and with moguls.

We are not a speaker bureau, or speaking agency… BUT… 

We do have access to some of the worlds to experts in their resepctive fields, know them to be highly sought after and expert professional speakers and presenters, and can make these people available to you too, for your next event.  You can deal directly with them and their own management teams, and be assured of the highest level of professionalism, ready and able to step up and stand out.  They understand the difference between professional and simple public speakers and as such command high fees, and often have audiences on their feet giving standing ovations that are well worth giving.

Please see the links below for who we promote and support, as worthy of being part of the Indie Experts Pages to Stages team. 

Bronwyn Reid is based in Queensland and speaks about The GAP Effect™ between SME’s and Big Companies. She is the best selling, award winning author of several books on business, leadership, and risk. Bronwyn’s WEBSITE

Bronwyn Reid

The Gap Effect, Australia

Cam is a former Gold Medal Para-Olympian who speaks to more than 20,000 people each year, about diversity, being ALL you can be, and exactly how to do that. The most positive and inspirational of speakers. Cam’s WEBSITE

Cam Calkoen, CSP

That Awesome Guy, NZ/Australia

Kate is a former Navy Helicopter pilot who served three tours of Afghanistan, a 1 in 1000 person who made it through flying school and then only 1 of a very small handful of female pilots who were in active combat. Kate’s WEBSITE

Kate Munari

The Mindset Challenge, AUS/NZ/UK

Bernie is the author of Finding Their Feet, the difinitive guide to why babies are best to be barefoot for building resilience in later life, and their first 1000 days of develoment from conception to walking. Bernie’s WEBSITE

Bernie Landels

Barefoot Brilliance, Australia/UK/NZ

Paul wrote THE book about plastic pollution and how even small things can make a difference, where, and how to do that.  He is a passionate advocate for smarter earth and environmental care. Paul’s WEBSITE

Dr Paul Harvey

The Plasticology Project, Australia

Brad is an expert Podcaster, SEO Specialist, author, firefighter and has been speaking professionally for 2 decades on leadership, particularly from the Firefighter’s perspective. Brad’s WEBSITE

Brad Hauck

Mr Web Marketing, Australia

Adam Houlahan is a world class expert on how to use Linked In for business, strategically and exceptionally well for marketing purposes. Adam’s WEBSITE

Adam Houlahan

The Linked In Guy, Australia, NZ

Dixie Carlton speaks mostly about how to use storytelling and publishing 3.0 as part of your marketing ecosystem, before, during, and AFTER you write a book. Dixie’s WEBSITE

Dixie Carlton

The Word Witch, NZ, AUS, UK

Topics our speakers cover include:

IT, marketing, SEO, branding, education, training, systems, governance, culture, leadership, values, pollution, environment, Linked In, social media, auditing, communication, podiatry, anatomy, parenting, publishing, motivation, inspiration, surviving & thriving, conflict resolution, goal setting… and more.

It’s a growing list!