One of the most commonly asked questions I get is about the difference between traditonal pubishing vs the new models that include self publishing, publishing assisted and hybrid options.  The following is a simple explanation to help clarify these.  If you’re considering any kind of publishing options and want to have a conversation about what might suit you best please reach out for a conversation.  

Traditional Publishing

This is mostly where you write a manuscript, send it off to a few big-name publishing houses, and wait – sometimes for a very long time – to hear if they wish to invest in you and your book.  From there, they will set up a contract, offer you a royalty-based payment system based on the number of books you sell and proceed to edit the manuscript, design and produce your book, and then take it to market by publishing it and getting it into book stores.

That’s the quick version of how it works. Often you’ll need to work through an agent to sell your book draft into a publisher, and increasingly the publishers will ask you to guarantee the first 1000 copies (or more) at an agreed price. This ensures they are operating risk-free which means that if you’re a first-time author, they want to be sure of not investing $10-20,000 into editing and production costs and end up not selling enough books to make a profit.


This is usually best described as when you write a book, have it edited and designed by someone who may or may not have experience in doing this work with books, and then you put it out to Amazon or some of the other well-known online publishing platforms and you keep all the profits.  This is not without risk and investment, which may or may not yield any results in sales or leverage for you.  You might miss opportunities to get your book well written, edited and designed in such a way as to ensure sales, and most importantly to get your brand aligned with your book so that it really does work hard for you.

For first time authors it can be very frustrating and time consuming to try and work out all the things you need to do – so some companies offer to guide you through the process for a fee and might also still offer a commission or royalties payment option to help manage it all for you.

The Hybrid Publishing Model

Ours is quite different a model than most publishers operate on. Our authors pay for full services of the coaching, manuscript development, refinement, editing, typesetting and design, then we take care of the entire production and publishing phase, while guiding our authors through all the areas of what they need to know, and do, to ensure a well written book, that they can ensure works hard for them.  They keep all the profits, but also learn how to manage their own author journey for future books too.

Our books are developed and produced to the highest quality, and marketed to the best of their ability to work hard for their authors. 

Many books simply do not sell enough to earn a high return on their author’s investment, but we ensure they have leverage on their content in a multitude of ways to ensure it’s a worthwhile investment.