The Value of Credibility as an Author

Amazon is still one of the Holy Grails of lists to get your book on. It’s a massive credibility booster as an author because most readers do not know these strategies and the marketing efforts behind getting results. They assume that this means the book is stupendously successful and therefore the author must ‘really know her/his stuff’ to have sold so many books and have so many reviews.  And to some degree they are right. The really crappy books don’t tend to get there at all or stay at the top for long. And there are a lot of crappy books out there. This again all comes back to what you want to have happen when you write a book – why are you doing this?

If credibility is not one of your top three reasons, then back up and have a rethink. You’re wasting your own time and that of your readers.  Because credibility will be what makes sure your book is of quality, gets a fair amount of attention and marketing, and earns you rewards in the form of work/career opportunity, higher fees, and maybe even awards and money.

So how do you get your book to the top of the credibility charts?

For starters, ensure that your Amazon listings and profile, bio, and reviews are easy to see, well done, and actually, do promote both you and your book(s). That includes paying attention to your descriptions, having a good looking profile page, and some reviews.

There’s more – lots more. But getting these parts right is very important. Did you know that Amazon is second only to Google for searching for information about just about anything? Particularly anyONE. So if you’re trying to be taken seriously about what you do – please ensure you pay attention to the importance of how great you appear to be on Amazon.