Welcome to Indie Experts – In Other Words – The Podcast for Trailblazers, Rebels, and Change-makers. Our authors are found in boardrooms, conference and TedX stages, championing change and inspiring fresh thinking.  Industry experts with a mission, wisdom to share, and passion for innovation. But getting out there and become recognised and highly valued for your expertise is a journey that for many indie experts can be fraught with challenges and uncertainty.  That’s where Indie Experts is a leading company in assisting globally focused Non-Fiction authors to navigate their way through all those challenges and become all they can be – changing the world one story, one author at a time.

You’re invited to Join in the conversation with Dixie and Ann, for insights about Authorship – Before, During, and After the book! Find out what the journey entails, how to plan your own expert’s journey and what it’s been like for others we’ve worked with.