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    Please select your preference for Premium or VIP Membership. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

    Premium Membership

    Access to resources, books, and tools you can use to help plan your next book, write it, or ensure you are on the right track with your DIY Approach. You also get to come along to any of the weekly ‘how to’ sessions we’re running from 1st February, plus recordings of past sessions anytime. If you’re stuck you can tap into the many areas we can assist with so you can move forward.

    If you need direct coaching, you can access this at only $100 per session, instead of the casual rate of $250.00 – we recommend you book one of these sessions each quarter if you’re working on a book or project – but you can book this up to 6 x per quarter if needed.

    Premium Membership FEE:

    $300 per year

    or $29.00 per month


    VIP Membership

    1x Monthly coaching session with Dixie to keep you on track with your book project or post publishing phase. You still get access to the many resources available at the premium membership option, but in addition we’ll include quarterly updates of your keywords update on your Amazon listings too. This includes checking promotions, ensuring listing is optimised and refreshed. 

    If you need help with ANYTHING else related to your book, you only have to reach out and we’ll take care of that up to 1 hour per month (or 3 hours per quarter) included in your membership fee.


    VIP Membership FEE: 

    $990 per year

    or $99 per month  


    You will be invoiced for your membership at the start of every month.

    For full details about these membership options, including a list of resources, terms and conditions please note the following: 

    • You can amend or cancel your monthly membership anytime.
    • The resources available are extensive and will be yours to use as  you wish to help you with your book projects.
    • But please don’t share them around.  If you wish to earn some commission however for recommending anyone else join this, then please CLICK HERE for details. 
    • We will check in on you and support your progress, but joining our FB Group also helps if you want to be part of the community who will also further support and encourage you.  HERE’s The LINK.

    If you have any questions, want to reach out for a chat, book a complimenary coaching call  please book 30 minute call via THIS LINK